Download GBWhatsapp Pro Apk For Free - Anti Ban [UPDATED]

Mod Details:

  • Multi-Theme Feature
  • Anti-Ban
  • App Lock
  • Hide People’s chat
  • Hide Blue Tick/Double Tick

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Download GBWhatsapp Pro Apk latest version 2024 on your phone. The new version of GBWhatsapp official app comes with many new features and you can download the latest version for free from here, it is the most popular modified version available today.

Hello guys, welcome back to my new post about GBWhatsapp Pro Apk. In this post, I will give you a brief idea of what GBWhatsapp really is? What are the features of GBWhatsapp? GBWhatsapp Themes and other benefits.

There are also many modded WhatsApp apps available online, but the best features can only be gotten in the latest GB WhatsApp green update. GBWhatsApp Latest Version 2024 is a free version and works on all Android devices.

What is GBWhatsapp Pro Apk?

In this section, we will give a simple explanation of GBWhatsApp Pro Apk. First of all, it is a modified version of the most famous application in the world, WhatsApp. GBWhatsApp, the program quickly became famous in the world, especially after the appearance of WhatsApp Omar, Golden WhatsApp and many other modified applications. The only difference between GBWhatsapp and regular WhatsApp are their features.

GB Whatsapp Plus has key features like broadcast messages and pop-up notifications with more advanced features like language, screen display, resolution, advanced messaging, custom themes or other features theme, profile, icons, voice, styles, location detection and many other functions. for the enjoyment of users.

You can always download GBWhatsApp Pro Apk 2024 for free and updated version from our website. Also, download GBWhatsApp update with quick link and direct link and without annoying ads. We also made the original, uncopied version the latest update.

Download GBWhatsapp Pro Apk latest version

The update is still downloading, and you can download GBWhatsApp from our site, and for easy tracking, add the site to your favorites list, or follow us on Facebook and Telegram. This app is regularly updated by the developer of GB WhatsApp 2024. So, you can also enjoy this app on your device in the long term without facing any problem at all GB Whatsapp.

Is it possible to download the GB Whatsapp alongside the original?

You can install and download GBWhatsApp latest version with the presence of the green WhatsApp on your Android device. One of the ways is the normal WhatsApp and the other is GB WhatsApp 2024. So you will not have any problem related to blocking and you can easily launch GPWhatsApp by installing the same way as any application on mobiles Android.

You can also download and install thousands of themes available on GBWhatsApp 2024, while creating and playing your own theme on your WhatsApp.

GB WhatsApp download for free

Through our website you can Download GBWhatsApp for free with a direct link 2024 and without any fees or annoying advertisements, downloading the version is the first step that will be followed to explain the download of whatsappgb green and its installation on a Samsung, Huawei or Xiaomi mobile and all phones running Android system.

How to download GBWhatsApp 2024?

Of course, upgrading and installing GBWhatsapp is a simple process. Therefore, in order to complete the topic, I will mention the method in detail from the start of GB Whatsapp download with a direct link to the latest version 2024 until the end of installation and use:

  • First of all, you need to download WhatsApp from the link below because the app is not available on any platform like Google Play or others, which means a direct version will be downloaded in APK format .
  • Then you need to open the option of installation from unknown sources so that we can install the modern version of WhatsApp, entering settings, then security, then enabling the installation of applications from unknown sources .
The Easiest Way to Download GBWhatsApp Pro Apk Latest Version 2024
  • And then open the download file location, open Gb WhatsApp in APK format and the version will be installed.
  • Restore backup Once the installation is complete, open the GBWhatsApp plus application, the first screen will appear with the option to restore the backup copy of previous conversations, if you have already made a backup and liked to restore it, do so via the first option in GB.
  • Now after entering your phone number Gbwhatsapp will automatically verify your number via SMS code. After that, your GB Whatsapp app is ready to use on your device. Below I have mentioned some of the best and most important features of GB WhatsApp apk.

In particular, which you can install and use on your Android device and enjoy the features available below. With this app, you will get tons of cool features like hide last seen, hide two receiving lines, hide blue lines, and much more. Watch

Download GBWhatsApp for iPhone

The good news for owners of IOS platforms for iPhone It is now possible to download and install Jeep WhatsApp on iPhone easily, and through the following paragraph, we will explain to you how to download GBWhatsApp 2024, and install it correctly. simplified and supported by the path image.

There are several ways to install gb Whatsapp 2024 on your iPhone. But many methods require jailbreak, whereas this method without jailbreak, that is, it does not require you to jailbreak your iPhone, So if you are looking to install and download GB WhatsApp 2024 for iPhone, you you are in the right place.

First of all, you need to visit the Tweakboxapp website . Note: Make sure the website is open in Safari and not Chrome.

Second: Now click on the Install Now button to download the plugin.

Third: Once permissions are granted, open Settings -> General -> Profiles.

Fourth: Click on TweakBox and click Install on the upper right corner.
Once the installation is complete, on the home screen you will see the names of TweakBox apps, open the app.

Go to Applications -> Modified Applications section to find WhatsApp++.

Fifth: Click the install button on the screen and WhatsApp++ will start downloading to your phone (WhatsApp++ is like WhatsApp GP 2024).

Finally, once downloaded, just open the app, verify your phone number and enjoy GP WhatsApp 2024 on your iPhone.

How to update GBWhatsapp for Android?

It was previously explained how to install and download GBWhatsapp for those who did not have the famous WhatsApp Green Pocket application before.

As for those who have already downloaded the program to their phone but were asked to update their GBWhatsapp, in fact the update process is not complicated, but rather the simple method: first, get GB WhatsApp from our official site. Then install the copy without deleting the previous version of GBWhatsApp.

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GBWhatsApp Features 2024

GB Whatsapp has many new features, including what is popular with users, and there are also features that are added in the modern version, and here are some of the features of gbwhatsapp:

  • Forward messages to anyone without the forwarding tag.
  • The app’s main page allows you to choose all chats at once.
  • Added new fonts and icons.
  • Anti-ban feature, you will not be banned from using WhatsApp.
  • Stickers from other apps can be added.
  • Enable swipe to answer a group call.
  • Hide last seen.
  • You may send a private response to groups.
  • The ability to send group messages accompanied by photographs and videos.
  • Unique viewing of photos and videos.
  • Hide visiting cases from your friends.
  • Hide both (correct) checkmarks when receiving the message.
  • Get notified of deleted messages.
  • You can now read the group description in the title as normal.
  • Airplane mode has been added so that the internet can be locked only from the WhatsApp app.
  • The ability to send 100 documents at a time instead of 30.
  • The functionality to download your friends’ statuses.
  • Video Now you can send file size up to 50 MB.
  • You can send a group message to up to 600 people at a time.
  • With the theme option you can easily change the appearance.
  • Make a list of people who can contact you.
  • Send up to 90 photos at a time.
  • The possibility of making a padlock.
  • You can download gbwhatsapp for free with a direct link.

There are more features available when you download the new GB WhatsApp 2024 Apk, you can download this app and enjoy its features. Download GB WhatsApp plus for free from this site. Download GBWhatsapp Pro Apk latest version with direct link.

Privacy and sending large files

The developers of gb Whatsapp 2024 have confirmed that while enjoying the extra features, user security will not be compromised. They have included many privacy features that users can use to hide anything. This privacy control feature is unique and useful.

With GB WhatsApp 2024 you can send files larger than 16 MB. Share up to 100 MB of audio files, upload 7 minute video files and up to 90 images at a time. You can share these large files when you download gb whatsapp pro for free version without worrying about the image quality, which is very similar to the official WhatsApp.

Anti-ban with auto answer function

GB WhatsApp anti-ban feature appeared in 2021 due to which your account will not be banned, however, if your account is banned then backup your chats and uninstall gb Whatsapp APK. Then reinstall GbwhatsApp Pro 2024.

Download a new WhatsApp that allows the auto-reply feature in my WhatsApp pocket and the ability to configure a reply and send the message automatically, so that anyone who sent you a direct message receives an automatic response to a specific text that you are the one determining that text, for example, “I received your message and will respond to you as soon as possible” or “I am no longer here and will read and respond to your message » Then this message can be customized in GBWhatsapp 2024 as per your requirement.

This version is completely free

Download GBwhatsapp 100% free, no payment is required for the features and functionality of this great GB Whats. Also, in order not to fall into the blackmail process, just follow us on our website GB Whatsapp Javaslot Download and we always update the application and you can download GB WhatsApp for free with a direct and fast link.

Themes and stickers

In this paragraph, I will explain the functionality of themes. GB WhatsApp plus 2024 offers a wide range of theme libraries to choose from. So many old GB WhatsApp 2018 users have custom themes to make your WhatsApp icons interesting.

Also, different wallpapers can be set for whatsapp screen to make the whole interface beautiful. We have also updated and added more trendy stickers that you can use when chatting with your friends. All these themes and stickers are free to download.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What Are the Benefits of Downloading GBWhatsApp?

GBWhatsApp, on the other hand, is a customized version of WhatsApp. It has a lot more features than the original WhatsApp. Here are some of the benefits of using GBWhatsApp: Privacy, Customization, File Size, Flexibility, Anti-Delete Message option, etc.

Why Should I Download GBWhatsapp?

GBWhatsapp is a top-notch app and you will have access to its top-notch features. These are not available on official WhatsApp.

How to Download GBWhatsApp Pro Apk Easily and Quickly?

You can enjoy amazing features of GBWhatsapp by downloading it from this website. All the links are updated. Feel free to contact us for any query.

Is it safe to Download GBWhatsapp Pro?

Yes, it is safe and 100% secure to download gbwhatsapp pro. But you should be carefull before downloading from any suspicious website.

Can I use WhatsApp and GBWhatsApp Pro on the same phone?

Undoubtedly, of course! If you’d like, you can use GBWhatsApp Pro and WhatsApp simultaneously. Multiple WhatsApp modifications, like GBWhatsApp Pro and WhatsApp Plus, may be used together.

How do I change themes on GBWhatsapp Pro?

In the GBWhatsApp Pro window, navigate to Settings/Downloads/Themes to accomplish this. There are now a lot of themes available, and more are being added daily. Since themes are backwards compatible, using a certain theme won’t need updating to a new version of the program.

What’s new in the latest version?

GBWhatsApp 2024 Plus is considered to be the best type of modified application. It is also considered the latest version of 2024, but new versions have been released, and here are the benefits of free download gb whatsapp new update 2024:

  • Based on the latest update of the original Green WhatsApp
  • The “Read more…” button has been removed…” and displays long messages.
  • A user interface design.
  • New user interface when adding a story.
  • Instagram Stories feature, enable it from Home Screen -> Header.
  • Show the Airplane mode option.
  • Hide the last status update.
  • Fixed transmission at full resolution not working.
  • Fixes an issue where color preview is present when there is a background for the image.
  • Fixed crash for Android 4.4 users.
  • Fixed 80% of some status download issues.
  • You can disconnect the GB WhatsApp network.


Download GBWhatsApp Pro APK unlocks extra functionality and customization choices, enables users to utilize multiple accounts, and improves privacy. However, it may not be supported by WhatsApp and may present security concerns, so users should exercise caution when downloading it.

While Download GBWhatsApp Pro APK may provide more features and customization choices, it should be noted that it is not an official version of WhatsApp and is not supported by the business. This implies that utilizing this third-party program might pose security concerns. Before downloading and using GBWhatsApp APK, users should exercise caution and think about the potential implications.

Please share this post to your friends or someone who needs to download the official GBWhatsapp Pro for free.